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33 Free Blogging Tips to Success

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While some people believe that blogging is perhaps the easiest way to market a product or service, it actually takes a lot of hard work. Some misleading sites promise people that blogging is the easiest way to earn money without exerting much effort.
However, people who have actually experienced blogging know better. It is more than just blogging and waiting for the cash register to start ringing. It involves coming up with fresh blog ideas, blogging religiously, and sharing blog posts in different social networking sites and even through electronic mail.
Another hard part is identifying whether you are doing the right thing or not. Bloggers often wonder if they need to plug more or promote more, or if they need to write or blog more. It can get frustrating at times that you may even contemplate giving up altogether.
Just imagine how easy it will be without thinking about what you should post next, have extra free time to spend with your loved ones, or have extra free time to spend on a hobby.
Then again, you have to remind yourself about what awaits if you do it right. It can actually change your life. You just need to build your blog’s authority, get as much traffic as you can, generate leads, and have effective blog forms. These are some tips to help you ensure your blogging career success.

Streamline Content

    1. Plan wisely. Know your availability and capabilities. Publish content regularly and this does not necessarily mean daily.
    2. List all your blogging topic ideas. Inspiration strikes in the most unexpected time. Don’t let it pass.
    3. You have the idea now it is time to organize it. Create an outline to serve as your guide in writing an organized content.
    4. Familiarize yourself with proven successful blogging practices.
    5. Write early and develop the quality of your content.
    6. Have an extra article for when you are not able to write a new one. It works like a spare tire.
    7. Spend regular time on writing. Give yourself some sort of a reward after the set time.


Win Readers

  1. Write for the readers. Consider their needs, desires, problems, and pretty much everything that you can.
  2. Make your identity and purpose clear to your readers.
  3. Earn the trust of your readers. Avoid fishing for clicks. Make the readers realize that they need to keep reading.
  4. Bond with the right people. This may cause losing other readers but you will have a stronger group of followers.
  5. Check successful blogs and analyze what makes these blogs successful.
  6. Write when you feel like it.

Be a Necessity

  1. Have a strong stand.
  2. Stay away from words such as maybe, but, or if.
  3. Make sure that each blog post is useful for the readers.
  4. Share knowledge, not just freebies.
  5. Increase credibility by incorporating quotes from the experts in your niche.
  6. Avoid jargons.
  7. Present case studies or examples.
  8. Be consistent in posting schedule as well as the post quality.


Keep them reading

  1. Always empathize with readers.
  2. Catch readers’ interests with captivating subheadings.
  3. Share personal experiences that are interesting for the readers and are related to the topic discussed.
  4. Pose questions.
  5. Write inspiring conclusions.
  6. Offer rewards.
  7. Get your message across clearly and keep your readers thinking about your post.
  8. Have a unique style.

Spread the News

  1. Get e-mail subscribers.
  2. Use autoresponder for some sort of a new subscriber orientation.
  3. Keep your emails short.
  4. Observe successful SEO practices.
  5. Choose the most appropriate social networking site.
  6. Guest blog to get more readers.

The golden rule is daring to be different. You do not have to be careful with your tone if you are being real. You will attract the right people and you will not easily get burned out.

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