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How to Index Blog Posts Faster in Google

Write High Quality Content

If you want to be fruitful in this territory then you have to choose best keywords for your post, for this you have to examine first about that topic which you are going to write, select some finest keywords for your post and then you can start writing your post . While writing your post use exclusive keywords for your post. Don’t then Google can index your post. Try always to write the big posts and useful information which can drive the visitors on your website. Don’t portrait contents from any other sites. Last and final tips about writing articles which are, write post regularly and give more post to search engine to publish and index your post regularly.

Increase Your Backlinks

If your want to drive more visitors on your site then amplify your backlinks and this will provide you more traffic from other sites, and it will increase your rank in Google. When you building your backlinks for your website then be careful with spam sites and try to build more backlinks from trusted sites and your backlinks should be related from your article. You can use the guest posting method to build your backlinks and blog commenting is also one of the best ways to increase backlinks for your website. Use finest contents in your blog which people likes and they will give you the backlinks too.

Increase Your Backlinks With Blog Commenting

If you want to build backlinks fast then you can choose the do-follow blog commenting backlinks. Use super content to comment on another website so people will like your comment and they will approve your link on their website. Don’t put comments like a nice post or good information and useful information this can make the wrong impression for your link so provide relevant comments according to the blog.

Show Some Social Media Love

If you want to boost your link building services fast, then social media can provide a big effect for your backlinks. we have lots of social sites nowadays like Facebook, Google+, Tweeter, Linkedin, etc. We can drop our links on these sites and get more traffic from these sites and get backlinks through these websites. As per SEO Google likes social shares and prefer more those sites which will be more active on social sites because search engine providing only relevant and popular information first and if your post will get more share on social media then this will index quickly.

Submit Your XML Sitemap

This is one of the awesome tools where we can submit our URL and submit to search engine with some easy steps.

Crawl Your Post in Google Search Console

This is one of an outstanding tool which is provided by Google to crawl our post in the search engine to index fast. Make a Google account and go to Google Search Console and submit your URL.

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